IMPORTANT NOTE: The following schedule represents my current best guess concerning due dates (and everything else). I am providing this information to give you a general idea of the pace and timing of the class. THESE DATES MAY CHANGE. Please don't depend on this schedule in purchasing airline tickets or making other irrevocable scheduling decisions without consulting me first.
All readings are from Operating System Concepts, Ninth Edition, unless otherwise specified.

This schedule is up to date as of January 17, 2017. Please finish chapter 3 by Wednesday.

DAY CLASS READING Assign. Out Assign. Due
M1T1 Syllabus, Architecture Review + OS Basics

W1, F1 Linux/UNIX/Kernels, etc. CH 1, CH 2-2.5
Discussion Questions for Chapters 1 and 2

F1 Os Structures, System Calls CH 2.5-end HW 1
PP #1

M2 Continue discussion on OS Structures, System Calls from F1
Begin Process Management
Updated DQs for Chs 1 and 2
CH 3-3.3.2

W2 Continue with Process Management CH 3.4-end
Discussion questions for Chapter 3.

F2 Inter-process Communication Updated Ch.3 DQs HW 2
HW 1
M3 MLK Day

W3 Fork Prog Exercises, Shared Memory IPC Be sure to have finished CH 3
PP #1
F3 Message Passing IPC Systems, Sockets, RPCs, Pipes

M4 Threads CH 4
HW 2
W4 Finish Threads

HW 2
F4 Process Syncronization CH 5 PP #2
M5 Continue Process Synchronization

W5 Finish Process Synchronization

F5 No class - Mid quarter break

M6 In class Midterm

W6 CPU Scheduling CH 6
F6 Finish CPU Scheduling CH 7

M7 Deadlocks CH 7 PP #3 PP #2
W7 Finish Deadlocks
Memory Management
CH 8 HW 3
F7 Memory Management CH 8

M8 Continue Memory Management
HW 4

W8 Virtual Memory CH 9
Discussion questions for CH 8

HW 3
F8 Continue Virtual Memory

HW 3
PP #3
M9 File System Interface CH 11 PP #4
W9 No class - work on projects

F9 Exam #2 Project work (in class)

M10 File System Implementation CH 12

W10 High Speed Mass Storage CH 17
HW 4
F10 Final Review/Wrap up Review

Demos of final projects

Final PP