Comp 430 Project #3: Dining Philosophers Android App

Tentative Due Date: Friday Week 8


The goal of this project is to create an app that implements a solution to the Dining Philosopher's Problem that ensures mutual exclusion and avoids deadlock. To document this, your program should produce a trace or log of all events as they occur, including when the various philosophers request forks (state that they are hungry), when they acquire forks, when they eat, when they think, and so on. When the program is finished, it should produce a summary of how long each philosopher spent thinking, hungry (but not eating), and eating.

Some things to think about:


Your program should be well-documented including the same kinds of comments we have required for other projects at K College.

You should also create well-formatted external documentation that describes the Dining Philosopher's Problem, the approach(es) you took to implementing it, and whether and how your solution addresses each of the classic issues of cooperating processes (e.g., mutual exclusion, deadlock). (This could go in the README.)


If you have an idea for a variation on this project, please run it by your instructor first.

Handing In

Your submission should take the form of a single tarred directory as described below. That directory should contain:

Creating a tar file: To create a single .tar file that includes your text file and files for your programming project, move all of the files you plan to submit into a directory that includes your name, such as pcutter_pp3. Then, in the directory above pcutter_pp3, I would type:

tar -cvf pcutter_pp3.tar pcutter_pp3/

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