Comp 430 Project #2: Sudoku Solution Validator

Due: Wednesday Week 6


A Sudoku puzzle uses a 9x9 grid in which each column and row, as well as each of the nine 3x3 subgrids, must contain all of the digits 1 ... 9. This project consists of designing a multithreaded application that determine whether the solution to a Sudoku puzzle is valid.

The details of this project may be found at the end of Chapter 4 in your textbook, on pages 197-199.

Handing In

Your submission should take the form of a single tarred directory as described below. That directory should contain:

Creating a tar file: To create a single .tar file that includes your text file and files for your programming project, move all of the files you plan to submit into a directory that includes your name, such as pcutter_pp2. Then, in the directory above pcutter_pp2, I would type:

tar -cvf pcutter_pp2.tar pcutter_pp2/

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