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Hello everyone! I'm very exited to meet all of you this quarter!

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COMP 107 - Pictures and Sounds, Spring 2021

A new quarter begins and new knowledge awaits! Welcome to Pictures and Sounds (COMP 107). This is an introductory class for all students who wish to learn a few fundamental concepts behind the digital manipulation of media such as pictures and sounds. This course focuses on the general algorithmic (disciplined, step-by-step) approach to problem solving, and the basic concepts of computer programming.

We have an awesome group of TAs at the online CS Collaboration Center where you can go and ask any questions you have. And, of course, both of us (Dr. Cutter and Dr. Vargas-Pérez) have online office hours available to you. Check our weekly schedules and please stop by the Collaboration Center; we can talk about the things you don't understand, the things you do, and other related (or unrelated) topics.

One last thing: