Overview of the Java Grid Package

The Grid Package class library is a framework for building applications centered around two-dimensional, grid-like data structures, along with graphical user interfaces for controlling and displaying such applications.  Documentation for the Grid Package includes:
  1. What is the Grid Package and How is it Used?
    This overview document covers the origins of the Grid Package and its purpose, provides a high-level introduction to its classes, and includes information on how to create and run several different types of grid-based applications.
  2. The Class Documentation (API)
    Typical javadoc-generated class documentation for all classes in the Grid Package, organized alphabetically and by package.
  3. Functional Index of Classes in the Grid Package
    A list of links to the class documentation described above, but organized functionally in four categories: the classes for modeling objects in a two-dimensional grid, classes for graphically displaying a grid and the objects it, classes for creating graphical user interfaces for grid-based applications, and utility classes.
  4. Understanding the Display Component Classes
    This document provides a detailed explanation of how the display classes work.  This information is useful, but not necessary for using the Grid Package.  It is recommended that you read this if you intend to write your own display classes.
  5. Creating and Extending Grid Package Classes
    This document explains how to extend the GridObject class and create new display classes.
  6. Developing Customized GUIs and Displays for the Grid Package (not available yet)
    This document will cover creating graphical user interfaces for grid-based applications using existing classes provided in the Grid Package and also by creating a subclass of the GridAppFrame or related class.
Only the first document and the class documentation should be needed in order to effectively use the Grid Package.  The fourth and fifth documents are targeted at those who desire a deeper understanding of the underlying code and those who will be modifying or extending it.

The official page of the Grid Package can be found at http://www.cs.kzoo.edu/GridPkg/

Copyright Alyce Brady, Joel Booth, 2004