Marine Biology Simulation
Case Study

Object Diagrams

This file contains links to a number of diagrams that illustrate object interactions in the Java-based Advanced Placement® Computer Science Marine Biology Simulation case study.

In these object diagrams, each object of a class is represented by a rectangle containing the name of the object's class, an icon representing the object, and a list of its methods. The diagrams also use arrows between method names to indicate object interactions, and include an outline summary of the algorithmic behavior being illustrated.

Most diagrams show only the public methods for the objects, although a few include the protected methods for objects of the Fish class. It is easy to distinguish between public and protected methods: public methods, which represent an object's interface to other objects, project beyond the edge of the rectangle representing the object. Protected methods, on the other hand, are encapsulated inside the object rectangle.

The following object diagrams are available:

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