Respect in the Community: Creating a Culture of Support

K College is committed to fostering a supportive campus community that values respect, dignity, and safety free from fears of retaliation or reprisal. We all have a role in creating a supportive and respectful culture.

Ways to show respect and support:
  1. Consider any gathering for school purposes, such as group projects or assistance with course work, as a professional space. This extends to both physical and virtual settings. For example, do not misconstrue help from other students or student employees as affection; please respect the body autonomy of others; do not flirt with student employees; and be conscientious with humor that may be unwelcome. Generally, it is best to avoid inappropriate jokes of a sexual nature or unwelcome slang about someone’s appearance.
  2. Professionalism also includes not targeting someone and intentionally making them feel uncomfortable because of an aspect of their identity – such as race, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or disability.
  3. If you believe that your teaching assistant made a mistake, let them know in a respectful way. Consider your approach. This may mean speaking to them away from other students, sending an email, or approaching your professor for further assistance.
  4. K College encourages students, faculty, and staff to respectfully and supportively intervene when they witness problematic situations or behaviors. Keep in mind these four ways that you may be able to intervene and support those involved:
    • Direct: If safe to do so, address the situation directly by communicating with the individuals involved.
    • Delegate: Delegate by asking others to help or refer the individuals to a campus or community resource.
    • Distract: Create a distraction to disrupt or stop the situation.
    • Delay: After the situation, address it and provide support, including listening without judgement and connecting the person to confidential resources.
Reporting and Support Resources