Deer mom nd Dad,

I m not njoying sumer camp very mush at al.  Pleas send fud, warmr
cloths, mony to go home, male, cookys,
or anyth else u can hink off.
Coke would be very mush appreciated — all they have here is Pepcy.

The wadder is very cld & they want us to swiming all the tyme.  All the
kids r brats or bullys.  The fud is
cld also nd thee dont have anee ise
creem.  All they hav is franks & beens.  They wake us up in the midle of
the nite (before 9 m) saying sumthin about the crak of dwn.  Dont they
no we were up at 3 m short sheating the counselors bed???  Its not fare.



P.S. I just me a frend nd mite stay after all.