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DAY TOPIC READING Assign. Out Assign. In
M1 Syllabus
Distributed Systems
Safety and Liveness properties
1.1 to 1.3
HW 0 (Join Moodle)
W1 Strong and weak models Chapter 1 HW0
F1 Guest Lecture Read Chapter 2 for background HW1
M2 MLK Day Service work or reflection
W2 Introduction of message passing Chapter 3.1, 3.2
F2 Complete Synchronous and Asynchronous Communications Finish Chapter 3
M3 Clock Synchronization and drift TBA HW 1
W3 Local clocks and causality (clocks)
F3 Logical and Vector Clocks

HW 1 due
M4 Mutal Exclusion
Lamport's Algorithm

W4 Ricart and Agrawala's Mutual Exclusion Algorithm
ME Bowtie Project
F4 Other ME Algorithms
M5 ME Rules
W5 Midterm Exam 4.1
F5 No Class - Midquarter Break  
M6 ME Token Passing
Centralized Solution (Client/Server)
Consensus in a dist. system
W6 Byzantine Generals Problem Byzantine Generals Problems
F6 Lamport's OM(m) Algorithm

M7 Mark Nelson's explanation
W7 Leader Election Algorithms
F7 Wrap up Leader Election Algorithms
M8 Leader Elections
W8 Max/min on a logical ring
F8 Synchronizers
M9 Distributed Security and attacks Chapter 19
W9 Malicious software
F9 TBA (bowtie problem?)(encryption issues?)

M10 Lab Day

F10 Review and last quiz (mandatory)

M11 Final Exam:
MWF 1:20 Monday, 3/19, 6:30pm - 9:00 pm

All work

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