Relevant OS Books

Note that the web pages for these books have some useful information including errata and lecture notes.

Operating System Concepts
This is the official course textbook.
Linux Kernel Development
This book is recommended.
Modern Operating Systems
This is another very popular operating system textbook.

The vi and vim Editor

An interactive vim tutorial (thanks to Kamal)
Kamal found this on-line. It is a good refresher or newbie starting point.
(Broken link) A vi cheat-sheet
This is the same vi cheat sheet I have been using for years. This is not the best way to learn vi, but it is a nice reference.

Linux Kernel

The Linux Kernel Archives
Repository of official Linux kernel.
Linux Cross-Reference
Provides browsable, HTML versions of the Linux kernel.
Information designed to help people get started working with the Linux kernel.
The Linux Documentation Project
Semi-official source of documentation. Lots of information. Not always well organized or up-to-date.


The virtualization platform we will be using for this class. Works under Windows/Linux/OS X (with Intel chips).

C programming

Essential C
A fairly comprehensive C reference.
Programming in C
Extensive on-line notes about C/Unix programming by Dave Marshall at Cardiff University.
Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C
A nice primer by Ted Jensen.

Unix Information

Instructions for remotely accessing the CS lab machines.
Basic UNIX Commands
Some home-grown information on working with Unix.
UNIX Tutorial for Beginners
A nice set of Unix tutorials by Michael Stonebank at University of Surrey.
The Open Group -- the Single UNIX Specification Version 3
The POSIX standard documentation.

Other Courses

Many of the good ideas in this course were borrowed from the following course web pages. The bad ideas are mostly my own.

Oleg Goldshmidt at Haifa University
Jonathan Geisler at Taylor University
Emmett Witchel at University of Texas
Harry Porter at Portland State University
Tom Doeppner at Brown University
Robert Walker at Kent State University
Alyce Brady at Kalamazoo College
Mike Dahlin at the University of Texas
Kai Shen at the University of Rochester

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