Programming Project 1b

Due at the beginning of Lab 2

This programming project should be done individually. It is okay to get help from the TAs and/or the instructor if you get stuck, but you should try to do it on your own first.

You should get into the habit of making backup copies of your work. See Productivity Hint 1.2 on p. 15 of the textbook (actually on the web site) for a discussion of this.

For this project you will write a program that inserts several simple objects into a grid. Write your program in small stages, compiling and testing after each stage.

  1. Stage 1: Understanding the program

  2. Stage 2:

  3. Stage 3:

  4. Stage 4:

  5. Stage 5:

  6. Stage 6:

  7. Stage 7:

  8. Stage 8:
  9. Update the class documentation at the top of the application program class. Also update the README file to accurately describe the purpose and behavior of your program from a user's perspective. Focus on what the program does, rather than how it does it. Include your name and the date as well as the names of anyone from whom you received help. Providing proper documentation is an important step towards writing well-structured and reusable programs.
  10. When you are done, submit the README file and the main application class on Moodle (a total of 2 files). If you are using a USB drive to save your work, move the whole project directory to your USB drive.