Programming Project 3
Audio Collage


This programming project may be done individually or in groups of two. Keep in mind that you may not work with the same person on more than two of the programming projects, excluding the final project. If you work with a teammate, hand in one copy of your code with both names on it. It is okay to get help from the TAs and/or the instructor if you get stuck, but you should try to do it on your own first.

The objective of this project is to combine a number of the features we have learned up until this point for manipulating sounds with some creative expression to create a collage from several sounds.

Creating the Collage

  1. Choose several sounds (at least 3) that you find audibly appealing. They could come from the MediaSources folder, your own collection, or from the Web (legally).

  2. Your collage must include each sound at least twice - once in original form, and once changed in some way. You must use a different technique to change each sound. You may place the sounds in any order you find pleasing.

  3. You have a variety of techniques for changing sounds:
    Design Questions: How many sounds will you use? Will any of them have a changed frequency? How long will your sound be? What do you need to know to determine this time? What functions do you need from other labs? What effects would sound creatively pleasing with your file choices?

  4. Write functions (or copy some from previous labs and mini-labs) to achieve the variations you choose. You should also have a function that puts everything together to create the collage. This function is necessary so that you have a record of how you created the collage. If you just create it from the command line, there is no way to see how it was made.

  5. Submit the file you created for this project via .

  6. Put a link to your audio collage on your course web page.