Using FileZilla


FileZilla is a program for transferring files from one computer to another. It is a free program that you can download and run on Windows, Macs, or Linux computers. You can use FileZilla to transfer web pages or other files from your own computer or from a lab computer to the K College server for people's web pages ( On a lab computer, you get to the FileZilla program available from the Windows Start menu.

To transfer files to K's web page server, you connect to the campus FTP (file transfer protocol) host called So, when you bring up FileZilla, enter in the "Host:" field. Then use the same user name and password that you use to access your email account.

In the left side of the window, find the web page directory on the local machine where you have created files you want to transfer. On the right hand side select your personal web directory on the server. For example if your email address is k04zz04 the appropriate directory will be k04zz04 (or possibly ~k04zz04). You can copy files or your entire web page directory to the web server simply by dragging the appropriate items from the left side to the right side. If you are transferring a web page that includes images or links to other files in the same directory, you must transfer those related files as well.

After transferring your web page files, check that everything is working the way you want it to by typing (where k00ab01 is your email address, CS_web_page is whatever you named your web page directory on the server, and index.html is whatever you named your page) in the location window of your web browser. Be sure to test all of your links to check that they still work.

Keep in mind that there are now two copies of your web page, the working copy stored on your laptop, M: drive, or USB drive and the published copy that is visible to the world. Changes that you make to your working copy will only be visible on the web after you upload them using the file transfer mechanism described here.