JFLAP "Cheat Sheet"

(Go to the full JFLAP Tutorial for more information.)


When you enter JFLAP, the first thing to do is to enter the Finite State Automata (FSA) section of JFLAP.

Your JFLAP window includes several icons, including one for creating new states, one for creating arrows representing transitions between states, and one for deleting states and transitions.

Specifying States

Click on the icon for creating states, and then click in your window. If you want to turn your state into an initial or final state, right-click or control-click on it and a menu will pop up that will allow you to specify what type of state it is.

Specifying Transitions

Click on the icon for creating transitions (lines with arrows), and then drag your mouse from one state to another to create a transition from the first state to the second. Label the line with the symbol associated with that transition (e.g., 0 if the transition should occur when a 0 is encountered in the first state).

Loops: To create a transition that loops from a state back to itself, click on the transition creation icon and then just click on the appropriate state (without dragging the cursor to another state). Label the transition as you would any other transition.

Multiple transition symbols: To create a transition that has multiple symbols (e.g., if either 0 or 1 should cause a transition to another state), go through the motions of creating multiple transitions, each with one symbol. Rather than actually creating multiple arrows, JFLAP will put the multiple symbols on one arrow.