COMP 105: HW #1

  1. Add yourself as a student to the course Moodle page. (You can get to this from the class home page:
  2. Write a short (2-3 paragraphs) computer science autobiography that addresses the following questions: Your autobiography should be submitted by uploading it through Moodle.
  3. Using pen and paper, draw up a design for your course web page. During this Thursday's lab you will be creating a web page that will link to your work in this course. Your page will need to include: You are welcome to include any additional information that you choose, such as a nickname, hobbies, your class year, a list of courses you are taking or have taken at K, or links to your favorite web pages. Don't make your design too ambitious, though -- you will be building your page during Lab this week.

    Bring your design to Lab on Thursday.