Dr. Sandino Vargas-Pérez

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Dr. Vargas-Pérez, he/him/his

I look forward to meet all of you this quarter!

My CS interests: I have a passion for High-Performance Computing, Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, Computational Genomics, Data Structures and Compression.

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COMP 101 - Intro. to Computers & Computing

A new quarter begins and new knowledge awaits!
Welcome to Introduction to Computers & Computing (COMP 101). This half-unit course addresses three big questions in the field of computing: What is a computer (and how does it work)? How do we compare & analyze computational solutions? And finally, How do humans and computers interact, and what are the social and ethical that arise?

We have an awesome group of TAs at the CS Collaboration Center where you can go and ask any questions you have. And, of course, my office hours are available to you. Check my weekly schedule and please stop by: we can talk about the things you don't understand, the things you do, and other related (or unrelated) topics.

One last thing: